Below Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who are the educators?

Your mastery educators are Australian photographers specializing in maternity, newborn, children, family photography and business along with Belly Baby Wear's founder Ana Brandt from Tustin CA.

2020 Mastery Educators are:

  • Ana Brandt
  • Connie Lawson
  • Deb Muir
  • Emma Baker
  • Mark Rossetto (coming later in 2020)
  • Natarsha March
  • Victoria Burcusel.
  • Hosted by Natalie Grounds (Australian dealer for Belly Baby Wear).

Please be advised that our educators panel may change time to time without notice.

Q. Can I purchase past years content?

Yes you certainly can.
If you signed up as a platinum member, you purchased the content for that year only. But previous years of content may be purchased at any time. You may check them out HERE

Q. Now we have moved from a facebook group to a on-line portal. Do I still need to be a member in the Mastery Members Facebook group?

Totally! The Facebook group remains your point of contact with your educators for the time being. In time, we will create a space within this portal to connect and ask your educators your questions. But for now, the Facebook page is the place for doing just that.
The Facebook group page is also a way for you to connect with other members, share your images and YOUR HOMEWORK!
Up coming pieces will also be posted to the FB page, so make sure you have clicked to RECEIVE ALL NOTIFICATIONS from that page.

Q. Can I purchase individual videos if they aren't included in my purchased courses

At this stage no. But hopefully soon.

Q. How does the facebook Mastery Members Group work

You are invited to join us inside the Mastery Members Facebook Group
There are a few house rules to ensure our Facebook Group is a safe, positive, encouraging, helpful and powerful resource for all.


Q. Do I get to keep my education videos?

The education content, including videos that are released to you in the time you signed up to, will ALWAYS remain in your course area for you to watch and re-watch as many times are you wish for the life of this platform.
This means, If you sign up for one years access, all the content provided to you within that year, will be available for you to access in one, two or three years time, as long as this platform remains open.
However, If you are a PLATINUM member, the access to the Mastery Members Facebook group page, is only accessible to you for the life of your membership.
Eg. 2020 membership gives you access to the facebook group until December 31st 11:59pm, unless you sign on for an additional year.
For monthly memberships, access to the Facebook group is available to you, for as long as you remain a member.


Q. What happens if I choose to cancel my membership?

It will be sad to see you go.
If you decide to cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to your current membership price (Mastery Membership is expected to increase to $247 AUD / year shortly for all new members).

You’ll also lose access to your Mastery Members benefits including the Facebook Members-only Group, sponsor's discounts and workshop discounts, plus our members box that will be delivered in early 2021.

To cancel, please provide 14 days written notice to info@bellybabywearaustralia.com

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