Meet your educators

Ana Brandt

Ana Brandt is a professional maternity and newborn photographer in California. Ana is one of the most recognized  maternity/newborn photographers in the world. Her youtube chanel has over 39 million views and over 170,000 subscribers.

Ana Brandt has worked with several celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Drew, Edyta Sliwinska, Ian Ziering, Jessica Rey, Adrian Young, Sienna Guillory, Eddie Guardado, Kobe Bryant and many others.

Ana was the first photographer in the world to design, create and market maternity gowns to the photography industry 15 years ago (Belly Baby Wear). She revolutionized the maternity photography industry by setting the design standard for maternity gowns and use of fabrics for client sessions. Belly Baby Wear ships to over 100 countries worldwide.

Ana Brandt teaches thousands of students worldwide in her global education online site and also now on

Ana is a Certified Photographic Craftsman with Professional Photographers of America and a member of the ASP (American Society of Photographers). Profoto named Ana one of the Explorers of Light.

She has also taught on the worldwide education platform

Ana Brandt

Connie Lawson

For the last 10 years, Connie Lawson has devoted her life to capturing magic moments for her clients. From her warm and rich sun drenched family and maternity sessions to her beautifully styled newborn sessions.

She knows how to effortlessly capture natural moments in time for her clients all over Australia. Connie has been traveling the country for the past 3 years with her jam packed 2 day “Create Love Inspire” Photography Workshops that focus on workflow for Maternity, Newborn & Family Sessions, studio and outdoor lighting, post processing and the art of work, life, balance.

Speaking at many events such as The Prop Fair, Refocus Retreat, Style Pose Shoot and now Mastery Maternity Workshops with Belly Baby Wear Australia. She has won numerous awards over the years and is highly respected among her peers. Her hard work is paying off with her work published on the cover of Range Finder Magazine and the build of a brand new studio.Connie is predominately a studio lighting photographer for her newborn and intimate maternity work and loves the use of textures, layers & fabrics and embraces natural warm & rich tones that studio lighting enhances.

Though studio lighting and the consistency it offers is one of Connie’s greatest loves she also loves to step outside and embrace the gorgeous rich tones the beautiful QLD sun offers with both her Maternity & Family work.

Connie is so excited to share her knowledge with Mastery Members and will be demonstrating the use studio lighting techniques for maternity photography, discussing camera settings, light settings, how to use your camera angels and poses that will best compliment your clients. In Connie's education pieces, she will also guide you through the little things that make that final image sing like hand placement, leg positioning, use of gowns and fabrics.

Deb Muir

Deb Muir established her business Part time in 2011 while still practicing midwifery in a major hospital in Sydney’s west. Being a midwife as well, newborns and maternity clients came willingly. After attending many workshops and completing the commercial photo imaging cert III, the business by this time was growing well.

Deb Muir has since won many awards for her newborn photography work including 2019 AIPP NSW Newborn Photographer of the year along with being a finalist in the AIPP NSW Newborn Photographer of the year in 2018, and a finalist in the RISE awards 2018.

She is a mum to 4 boys ranging from 24 down to 11 years old, with two having disabilities, the need to be closer to home and accessible was a necessity.

Beginning the business as a traveling photographer, the studio was held in the lounge room for three years before the renovation of the garage, now into the beautiful studio where parents and babies are more comfortable and maternity clients love coming to have their images taken. Families are still being photographed outside on location, along with some maternity clients choosing the outdoors areas.

Deb is a part of the Aboriginal community and having deep ties to the land naturally, she photographs in more earthy tones that represent her family cultures from her mother’s side. With her father being a photographer as well with landscapes, it was her dad that gave her, her first camera and that was where her passion grew.

Deb now educates other photographers newborn and maternity photography, how to pose, style and use light in a safe environment with the safety of the babies and maternity clients being of the utmost importance.

Deb Muir
Emma Baker

Emma Baker

Almost 7 years ago, Emma Baker decided that being a full-time teacher just wasn’t what her heart wanted. With a newborn in tow, Emma put down her marking pen and picked up her camera again. She had always “taken photos” but was pushed by family to do something that she could make a career out of, hence the teaching. But her heart just wasn’t in it as much as it was with photography. Emma decided straight away that she only wanted to capture the journey her clients go through in that first year of their child’s life, pregnancy, newborn and first birthday.

Emma is a studio light photographer when capturing beautiful maternity and newborn photographs inside and a natural light photographer when outdoors. Here is where her heart lies. Loving colour and all things outdoors, Emma pushes the limits and shoots a lot of her sessions (including newborn) outdoors in the warmer Victorian months. In early 2019, Emma opened up a three day group retreat, where she and another newborn photographer taught other photographers the joy and skill in photographing both indoor and outdoor maternity and newborn session. The attendees from this workshop are still buzzing today.

Emma is an award winning photographer who is respected by her peers. She is known for her vibrant colour pops and outdoor work. She has worked hard to create the amazing Aurora Joy Photography brand and signature look that we know and love. She loves to have fun with her clients and share their stories with others.

Although Emma is a hard working mum of two, she is also a volunteer photographer for Heartfelt and holds a personal place in her heart for this organization. She prides herself at being able to photograph everyone’s story, even if it is a sad one.

Emma is so excited to share her knowledge with our Mastery Members and will be demonstrating both natural and studio light techniques for maternity, newborn photography, along with taking you through cake smash sessions,business and even some tricks to getting those natural smiles that bring so much emotion when posing couples and family.

Mark Rossetto

Mark Rossetto is an international award-winning double master photographer (AIPP), a highly sought-after public speaker and a qualified Life and Photography Business Coach. At just 25 years of age, Mark transformed his passion for photography from a hobby into one of Melbourne’s most successful family and wedding photographic studios.

Each year Mark and his team photographed over 500 families and were consistently booked at capacity with weddings. Mark now dedicates his time to teaching photographers the skills needed to build successful businesses.

His systems and processes for increasing sales and profits, combined with his extensive marketing and industry knowledge have resulted in hundreds of success stories for both aspiring and seasoned professional photographers all over the world. 

Mark's passion for helping people succeed and thrive in their business is only overshadowed by his charismatic and outgoing personality. His zest for life, business and photography make him an in-demand speaker for workshops and events such as WPPI, NZIPP, SWPP, The Baby Summit and AIPP events. Mark has also featured on IPS Mastermind, Photobizx, the Milky Way Retreat and The Pet Photographers Club.

Phone: +61 439 552 710



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Natalie Grounds

Natalie Grounds

Hi, I am Natalie Grounds, Authorized Australian dealer for Ana Brandt's Belly Baby Wear brand of Maternity gowns and newborn accessories and the creator behind Mastery Members.

I have run my own photography business for 20 years, specializing in Wedding and family photography in a small town just north or Newcastle (Port Stephens) in NSW. After relocating to Sydney (Sutherland Shire in late 2019), After three years as a dealer for Ana Brandt, I took the decision to focus more on Belly Baby Wear Australia, bringing Ana's amazing gown creations from Tustin CA to Australian photographers, having them in stock, ready to send, whilst you save on international postage. PLUS bringing together this group of amazing Australian educators to guide you in early life photography.

Although, I will not be a main educator, but I will pop in now and then to share information on little things I have learnt along the way.

It is so great to have you here! We would love any feedback you may have, so please share your achievements, your homework, what you trialed from our educators pieces, recent images, and your thoughts to our members area, please share with us WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN, so we can deliver exactly that! Make sure you are connected with our Facebook Group to share these experiences. (scroll to the bottom of the page to join us)

Natarsha March

I'm Tarsh, from Family Photography by Natarsha March, a full-time professional photographer, 2019 Queensland Newborn Photographer of the Year and Associate in the AIPP.

My photography business was born in 2011 after I had my daughter. Familiar story right?

My obsession with photography started young, and if I could share those fabulous 90's 6x4 prints I would, but my friends are still my friends and they might un-friend me if I was to share our super embarrassing teen photos publicly.

As much as I love photography, I also love TV and Film, and at the age of 16 I was employed full time at TVNZ. I spent the next 16 years working as a video editor and producer working in TV on shows like Totally Wild, Big Brother, A Current Affair and more.

The TV industry was slowing down just as my mother's group was seeing my photos of my baby girl and started asking me to take photos of their own babies. Then their friends started calling. That's when I realized that a new career was in the wind.

I got insured. I got registered. I studied more. I upgraded my equipment.

Today I am a multi-award winning, associate professional, full-time newborn and family photographer and I couldn't be happier. I love the balance of raising my girls and running my own business.

Since 2011 I have captured the special life milestones of over 800 Brisbane families and now have the joy of working from my studio on our acreage where families enjoy a same-day in-person viewing right after their outdoor or indoor shoot.

As a full service, product-focused photographer, I shoot with the end result in mind and guide families through the image selection process, working with them to create high-end print products for their homes.

In the Mastery Members area, I will be teaching you how to use your digital DSLR and how to use free software to easily create professional video content for your clients and your business, supercharging both, your client experience and your professional profile, as well as maternity, newborn, family photography and business skills.

Victoria Burcusel

After years of playing with photography in many photographic areas, Victoria’s goal became clear when she had her son. Wanting to capture his stories and make sure the images are printed so she will not loose them again in this digital world. Yes, you heard right, in 2007, Victoria lost her entire year of images during their move from New Zealand to Australia.

In 2017 Victoria opened her own studio, specializing in maternity and newborn photography, in Rochedale South, Brisbane.

Victoria has been learning for many years on her own to perfect her craft and she has photographed several genres of photography.

Knowing that she would be able to achieve her goals through training, Victoria took the next step, and joined many in person and online workshops, namely learning from high mentors in the industry like Sue Bryce, Stephanie Lemmens, Kelly Brown, Luisa Dunn, Sandra Hill and Russ Jackson.

Victoria truly believes that education is the best and fastest way to achieve great goals in maternity and newborn photography. This is why she continues to attend personal workshops for photography, posing and business. Constantly researching to learning new ways to improve the experience for her clients, to understand what they are looking for and what they want created with their images – which is more than just having an image to hang on the wall.

Victoria joins Mastery Members, teaching you how to use studio light as well as natural light, editing and all round in-site into running a successful photography business

Everyday we need to learn something new, and sometimes starting with a mentor is the best thing you can do to start your journey. Victoria truly believes that finding a mentor, someone that will guide you and will give you open feedback, one who will push your limits to become a better person and a better artist is the best way for you to grow. You can learn so much from their experience and learn from their mistakes so you can avoid them in your business as well as make your newborn photography journey safer and faster.

Maternity and newborn photography is learned through lots of education and hands on practice. Never stop learning, never stop growing.

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