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Included is access to a private group with learning content and videos posted from our educators:

  • Connie Lawson
  • Deb Muir
  • Emma Baker
  • Mark Rossetto
  • Natarsha March
  • Victoria Burcusel
  • Ana Brandt - Belly Baby Wear founder and designer and photographer from Belly Baby Love in California USA
  • Hosted by Natalie Grounds - Belly Baby Wear Australia

Learning videos are loaded all throughout the year along with follow up LIVE Q&A's with our educators.

So far, you will learn:

  • watch back on an informative Q&A with Connie Lawson
  • Extending backdrops editing with Deb Muir
  • Studio maternity with Emma Baker
  • Creative editing with Deb Muir
  • Editing high key images with Deb Muir
  • Basics of adding video to your workflow with Natarsha March
  • Editing a nude with Emma Baker
  • Creative maternity editing with Victoria Burcusel
  • Slim mum edit
  • Parent silhouette editing
  • Join Deb Muir in a studio maternity session along with Q&A (Pre-recorded)
  • Create your very first video with Natarsha March
  • Baby secrets by Ana Brandt
  • Parents posing guide by Ana Brandt
  • How to photograph a mum lying down with Ana Brandt
  • Learn how to set your studio up to shoot back lit images and silhouette plus editing with Victoria Burcusel (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Newborn posing tips with Victoria Burcusel
  • Let's talk about connecting with your followers on Instagram with Natalie Grounds
  • Editing - Fine Art image with Deb Muir
  • On location in a maternity session (couple posing) with Emma Baker
  • Editing using a window digital (composites) with Victoria Burcusel
  • Editing a family newborn image with Emma Baker
  • On location in a maternity session (couple posing and mum only posing) with Connie Lawson
  • Learn 5 different styles of maternity photography with Natarsha March
  • Let's edit froggy with Deb Muir
  • Prepping your clients during COVID with Deb Muir
  • A look into a photo session with older babies by Natarsha March
  • Education Week - We cover the basics of how to start using video in your business, Talking all things Cake Smash, Newborn Workflow, Three top things you must master for maternity photography and how to sell printed products, albums and wall art. Included in our education week is the recording videos from our live Q&A's that followed the education pieces.
  • Photographing a newborn for digital composition by Victoria Burcusel
  • How to sell with IPS with Emma Baker
  • Create your own digital backdrops with Natarsha March
  • Editing a maternity session with Victoria Burcusel
  • Editing using multiple layers with Deb Muir
  • How to use gowns in multiple ways by Victoria Burcusel
  • Editing newborn and mum-to-be with problematic skin with Natarsha March
  • How to keep your business active - including guests speaker Sophie B, Natarsha March, Victoria Burcusel and Natalie Grounds
  • How to create and sell your mini sessions by Mark Rossetto
  • Cake smash session with Emma Baker
  • Your road map to holiday season success with  Mark Rossetto
  • Newborn home session with Ana Brandt
  • Self portraits with Victoria Burcusel
  • Transitional posing guide by Ana Brandt
  • Studio lighting demystified with Victoria Burcusel
  • Family maternity session by the beach with Connie Lawson
  • Boho maternity photography under the setting sun with Victoria Burcusel
  • How to shoot to sell, Family photography in the gardens with Natarsha March
  • Mother and Daughter edit with Deb Muir
  • Baby in a bucket edit with Deb Muir
  • Nude editing with Deb Muir
  • When the birthday boy... just isn't into it with Emma Baker
  • Do's and Don't of maternity photography with Emma Baker
  • Twin newborn session with Deb Muir
  • Enhancing your skies with Connie Lawson
  • 5 Newborn wrapping techniques with Victoria Burcusel
  • Social media marketing with Mark Rossetto
  • Editing maternity with Ana Brandt
  • Editing with dreamy back lighting with Ana Brandt
  • Mini podcast - Just one more with Ana Brandt
  • Mini Podcast - is that everything with Ana Brandt
  • Mini Podcast - There is no all with Ana Brandt
  • Coming soon
    • Studio lighting art maternity with Connie Lawson
    • Outdoor newborn session with Emma Baker
    • Spice up your social media with reels with Emma Baker

We're getting together too!

Ready, set... GO! It's time to get back out there and be creative. We are started creative SHOOT OUTS in 2021 and will be continuing them in 2022.

Designed to awaken the heart and open your mind, body and spirit.  There will be 4 shoot outs held in 2022. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. As a member, you will receive a discount code to save $50 off your attendance fee.

Shoot outs will run for around 2 hours, generally around sunset. Practice your craft, build your portfolio and make friends. Were going to get a little creative now and then and dream up theming for these sessions to make them a little more special.

To attend a shoot out members prices are $100 and non-members $150


Ana Brandt workshopChoose to attend Mastering Maternity Workshops within the year you are a member and receive 10% discount on each workshop booked or even for our yearly Retreat (coming in 2022).
Mastery Workshops will be mentored by our Australian educators specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography and can be held in a studio or on location all around Australia.

You will receive discount codes from some amazing Vendors including Belly Baby Wear Australia  and Momento Pro

What happens when my year runs up?

Once your membership year has ended, you can continue your membership for another 12 months (auto renew). Great news, when you sign up, your membership price will never rise. You will not be expected to pay any possible price increase, Unless you cancel or skip your renewal payment due date.

If you choose not to continue your learning journey with Mastery Members after your yearly membership time is up, please write to us to cancel your membership 14 days prior to your renewal date to

If you choose to end your membership, unfortunately your access to the portal and the private facebook group which gives you direct contact with our educators and other members.

Together with amazing Australian photographers and Ana Brandt from Tustin CA, we bring you Mastery Members. Filled with educational content in the field of Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and Business.

The price for membership is $247.00 per Year.

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